Dusky – Black Dark Tanning Oil


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You are about to order the Most AMAZING Sun Tanning Oil in the World.

Dusky Black Dark Tanning Oil gives you the perfect Dark Tan in 1 Day! It comes with a pre-Tanning booster of 75ml that you can apply prior sun exposure. This blend of oil will extend the length of your tan. This tanning oil is perfect for those of you who love to get a quick dark golden tan. DUSKY oils are waterproof, allowing you to make the most of your day in the sun without having to worry about patchy skin! Our hypoallergenic formula makes the oils perfect for all skin types. Apply Dusky CALIENTE Black Dark Tanning Oil liberally to your body, rub it in, and then bask in those sunny rays to achieve your ultimate dark golden glow!

A Tan you always wanted in 1 DAY!

هذا هو أقوى وأسلم زيت للشمس في العالم. أفضل بائع بالفعل في الشرق الأوسط. يأتي مع غسول ما قبل الدباغة مجانًا.

تان كنت دائما تريده في يوم واحد!

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